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The perfect moment to act is NOW

How many excuses have held you back from the success you crave? Do you feel that inner itch to break free, achieve more, transform your life, and awaken with purpose each morning? If you find yourself here, understand this: the perfect moment to act is now. Seize the opportunity and take that crucial first step. Your journey to success begins with this decisive moment.

My name is Ieva

I am a certified High-Performance Coach by Jay Shetty Certification School, on a mission to shape a new generation of empowered individuals. In our journey together, we will dive into the realms of self-awareness, compassion, and holistic growth through personalized coaching. Together, we will set ambitious yet realistic goals, nurture a positive mindset, and celebrate every success. Just imagine waking up each day with renewed purpose, heightened productivity, and unparalleled fulfilment. Join me as we transform your mindset from "impossible" into "I'm possible," and create a positive ripple effect in your community. Ready to elevate your overall performance? Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

"I went from struggling with time management to mastering time management and daily mindfulness to reduce stress. What stood out about Ieva was her practical approach. Each session provided me with valuable tools and a new perspective."

Gedion Jansen

"Throughout my sessions with Ieva, I felt motivated like never before. It’s difficult to put into words how driven and supported I felt to make decisions, take the risks I needed to, and feel good about myself. For the first time, I felt like I was on track with what I wanted to do, and even set more goals for myself!"

Imaan Naveed

"Ieva is truly gifted at this, she is an amazing listener and offers genuine guidance. Her encouragement and techniques of guiding you through your journey will definitely give you the space to process and grow. She is extremely patient and makes sure you achieve your goals from each session. I highly recommend her."

Maria Elaine Borg

"I was facing a period of significant career transition. I felt stuck in my current job and unsure about the next steps in my professional life. I was also experiencing challenges in maintaining a work-life balance and struggling with self-confidence issues. Ieva's coaching service is defined by kind and clear communication. The emphasis on actionable steps is an effective strategy for fostering positive changes. Through her coaching, I gained awareness of negative thought patterns and could shift my subconscious mindset."

Sonia Marcantonio

What my clients have to say?

Are you ready to...

Take your self-development to the next level?

Coaching helps to identify your strengths and areas for improvement. It provides you with a structured process for personal development, allowing you to enhance your self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills.

Reduce stress and risk of burnout?

Life comes with high levels of responsibility and stress. I can help you manage stress, and workload pressure by implementing mindfulness tools. We will develop strategies for maintaining work-life balance, promoting both personal well-being and professional effectiveness.

Create a positive impact in your environment?

Instil a culture of gratitude, optimism, and mutual support by adapting a positive psychology mindset. You will be able not only to enhance your mental well-being of yourself but also create a cohesive and thriving community, where the collective mindset becomes a catalyst for positive change.

Elevate your life to new heights of happiness?

By prioritizing your well-being and purpose, you not only elevate your own life satisfaction but also contribute to creating a positive and inspiring work environment for those around you

Month of Momentum

A tailored, results-driven program designed to supercharge your progress in just one month.

4 weekly 60-minute sessions

Thriving for Three

A comprehensive 3-month program featuring 12 dynamic sessions to propel you toward your goals.

12 weekly 60-minute sessions

Elevate 360

A transformative 6-month journey featuring 24 dynamic sessions meticulously crafted to guide you through every facet of personal and professional growth.

24 weekly 60-minute sessions

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